Chris Witucki

Chris Witucki Escrow Officer

Chris Witucki

Chris Witucki has spent 37 years in the finance industry and now puts all of that experience to work as Escrow Officer at Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc.

As the saying goes, “Close only counts in horseshoes,” and Chris must make certain that documents aren’t just close enough. They must be absolutely error free.

“I learned to be very detail-oriented as a loan processor, and I draw on that experience every day,” Chris says. “My experience gives me a leg up, but when you’re shepherding the final leg of a deal as you do in escrow, there’s really no room for error.”

Chris and the other escrow officers at Fidelity all have the benefit of experience to guide them through the process. But Fidelity’s growth has also created a need to systematize processes like escrow so that the company can continue to deliver professional, error-free documents. Chris has taken the lead on that front.

“We’re working on a manual and producing checklists to make the process absolutely bullet proof,” Chris says. “It’s part of our commitment to provide clients with a simplified and quick solution for their financing needs.”

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