Khrystyna Shevkoplias

Khrystyna Shevkoplias Executive Assitant to Peter Steigleder


Khrystyna Shevkoplias

Khrystyna embraces challenges with enthusiasm.

Give her a problem to solve, a strategy to implement, a project to organize, or a team to build and she attacks it with gusto.

“I am a dedicated advocate for both clients and team,” Khrystyna says. “My experience has taught me to persist in the face of challenges.”

As Executive Assistant to the President at Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc. Khrystyna employs her knowledge and understanding of real estate and finance to support the sales and loan servicing team and fine-tune systems and processes with a focus on customer service.

Khrystyna began her professional journey in the field of real estate as an agent in New York City, following her studies in environmental engineering. Her interest in design and construction led her to accept a position at a small, but well-regarded real estate brokerage, where she gained valuable experience in various aspects of the industry, including sales, marketing and administration.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Khrystyna assumed the role of a loan officer for a private lending company. Throughout her tenure, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by devising and implementing technologically advanced solutions, and designing programs to elevate the customer experience.

“I am comfortable with taking on different tasks and I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills,” says Khrystyna.

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