Mark Bellgraph

Mark Bellgraph

Mark Bellgraph learned the ins and outs of investment real estate as a leasing agent for multifamily properties. As a Loan Officer for Fidelity Commercial Lending, Inc. he uses his experience to make the loan process as quick, simple, and seamless as possible.

Mark’s lending experience includes refinances and fully amortized and interest-only loans for the acquisition of all types of asset classes.

“I’m a relative newcomer to Fidelity. What most excites me about being here is the way that Fidelity makes the process easy for borrowers,” Mark says. “I’ve worked with many investors, and I know how important it is to have a responsive lender able to close a transaction and get money in the hands of the borrower quickly.”

Borrowing from Fidelity involves only a short application form. No tax returns or personal guarantees are required, and loans can close as quickly as three days.

“We offer loans from $50,000 to $20 million,” Mark says. “I work with borrowers who need $100,000 or less, which many other lenders won’t accommodate. It’s gratifying to be able to provide solutions to borrower’s real-life needs.”

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