Matthew Savalas

Matthew Savalas Senior Vice President


Matthew Savalas

Over the eleven years prior to joining Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc., Matthew successfully closed numerous loans in all asset classes and oversaw the financing of thousands of apartments and commercial units for hundreds of millions of dollars in loan closings.

Matthew Savalas transitioned his career to commercial lending over a decade ago after working in Hollywood to raise capital and produce motion pictures. Thanks to his background working with creative artists and the backers who fund films, Matthew combines a solid understanding of complex financial situations with an ability to speak the language of both borrowers and lenders. He can successfully bridge the gap between a borrower, who sees nothing but potential in a property, and lenders, who seek to minimize risk and maximize returns, and craft a mutually satisfactory agreement.

“I enjoy the challenge of making a loan work,” Matthew says. “I listen intently and ask a lot of questions.” “Then I put together a proposal with recommendations that both the borrower and lender can relate to.”

He joined Fidelity attracted to the ease and simplicity of the company’s lending model. But he points out that just because borrowers don’t have to fill out long applications or present years of tax returns doesn’t mean his job is easy.

“Our loans are secured by the property, which simplifies the process for the borrower,” Matthew says. “But borrowers tend to see their property through a different lens. I’ve got to find the common ground that connects the borrower’s perspective with the way underwriting is done to find that common ground and close the loans on time.”

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