Sarkis Kouzouian

Sarkis Kouzouian

If you’re looking for a Loan Officer that understands real estate, look no further than Sarkis Kouzouian.

With his long experience in property management and his expertise as a general contractor, Sarkis can size up a property and offer a rough estimate of its value with ease.

Sarkis started his career working with his family’s property management business, and he became thoroughly familiar with single family investment properties and commercial warehouses.

His experience with these assets is well suited to Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc. and its financing sweet spots, which include non-owner-occupied properties like single-family and multi-family real estate, warehouses and light manufacturing properties, medical, office, and mixed-use properties.

An entrepreneur who has operated his own furniture manufacturing business, Sarkis also understands firsthand the concerns and issues paramount to investors. Instead of business theory, investors get real-life advice from someone who’s been through many of the same experiences.

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