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Tom Preston

When a borrower’s needs fall outside the scope of Fidelity’s loan products, Tom Preston is the man to see.

A veteran of the banking and lending industry with more than 30 years of experience, Tom’s expertise spans conventional loans, private equity, owner-occupied loans, bridge loans, construction loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, HUD loans, and SBA loans for all asset types.

He has originated more than $800 million in loans over the course of his career.

“Fidelity’s products occupy a very important niche in the industry, but our model was never meant to service every client,” Tom says. “We added this capital markets group a year-and-a half ago so that we could provide the same high level of advisory and referral services to clients regardless of their situation and funding needs.”

A licensed stockbroker who holds a Series 7 certification, Tom was well on his way to becoming a certified financial planner when he decided to pivot. He preferred working with tangible assets.

At Fidelity Commercial Lenders, Inc. he’s able to use the advisory skills he honed over his career combined with a deep understanding of the way banks approach lending and underwriting.

Says the Cal State Fullerton graduate: “I’m able to explain the strengths and weakness of different loan products to clients so they can find the best solution for their situation and needs. My expertise also allows me to anticipate a lender’s likely receptivity, and that helps clients set up realistic expectations as they go through the process.”

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