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Flor Rios

That warm and welcoming voice callers hear when they dial into Fidelity Mortgage Lending, Inc. belongs to Flor Rios.

Flor has been greeting callers to Fidelity for 24 years, and over that time, she’s made customer service her first priority.

“For me, customers are very important,” Flor says. “I want them to hear a friendly voice and know they’re taken care of.”

While many others have moved to automated phone systems, Fidelity had held firmly to the belief that real estate lending is a people-first business. It’s the person-to-person interaction that creates relationships and helps solve problems, and that starts from the moment a client calls.

Flor’s personality is a perfect match for that philosophy. Helping comes naturally to her. She volunteers at her daughter’s school and at her church, and she’s even been known to give a helping hand to the homeless who pass by her office window.

When it comes to her job at Fidelity, Flor simply doesn’t believe in taking messages. She makes it her business to connect callers with a team member who can help them immediately.

“I’ll find a loan officer, someone in loan servicing, or another team member who can help,” she says. “Our clients expect that kind of service, and I wouldn’t want them to get anything less.”

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