Marie Hornback

Marie Hornback Accounting Supervisor

Marie Hornback

Marie Hornback is a master of follow-up. She has to be. In addition to her accounting responsibilities, Marie is charged with making sure that all of Fidelity’s support operations run smoothly.

On any given day, you can find her checking up to make sure IT has responded to issues, helping to onboard new team members, liaising with insurance brokers, or working on employee benefits contracts, or the company’s pension and profit sharing plans.

Marie enjoys the ability to balance working with numbers and people, and her many responsibilities put her in touch with just about every team member.

If that makes Marie a jack of all trades, it’s a role she’s completely familiar with. Before joining Fidelity, she spent 20 years working her way up the ladder at several corporations. While her primary duties were always centered on accounting, she frequently found her duties extended beyond the numbers.

“My background is diverse,” Marie says. “I always worked my way up, and I like staying on top of things and getting involved wherever I’m needed.”

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