Ralph Haber

Ralph Haber Loan Manager


Ralph Haber

Ralph Haber thinks of himself as a detective. Over the 50 years he’s spent in mortgage lending, he’s handled his fair share of complicated transactions, many requiring the same kind of tireless diligence of an investigator who must turn over every rock to solve a case.

He’s successfully cleared titles that date back through generations of owners, found long lost former spouses, and poured over records that sometimes span several states, all to make sure borrowers avoid surprises and loans close in a timely fashion.

The Cal State Los Angeles graduate joined Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc. 25 years ago. As Loan Manager, he’s been in charge of shepherding all of the company’s loan packages from opening title, to ordering appraisals, running credit, and getting the loan recorded.

Ralph figures he handles 10-20 loans a month, giving equal attention to each transaction, no matter the size. Ask him how he does it, and he’ll tell you simply that he relies on his team and outside partners to get the job done. But his secret sauce is his devotion to clients and a singular focus on making sure clients achieve their goals.

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