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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Commercial Property

About 90% of American millionaires made their fortunes in the real estate industry. This is partly because commercial property investments tend to become more valuable over time, create positive leverage situations, and offer a predictable cash flow. For instance, on average, the value of commercial properties in the U.S. increases by 2% to 3% annually. It is worth noting that

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Why ‘Now’ Is the Right Time to Refinance Your Commercial Loan

One of the basic functions of the U.S. Federal Reserve is to stabilize the economy. To achieve this, it raises and lowers the federal funds rate in correspondence with the inflation levels. For instance, the COVID-19 recession led to a significant decrease in the inflation levels in the U.S. More specifically, the massive job losses, business closures, and a surge

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What Lenders Look for While Providing Commercial Real Estate Loans

According to the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), a commercial real estate loan is a mortgage offered to businesspeople to purchase or renovate a commercial property. However, it is worth noting that not every business person or business is eligible for this type of loan. To separate eligible borrowers from ineligible borrowers, lenders typically perform a credit analysis on borrowers. Therefore,

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Real Estate Financing Options to Offer Your Clients

As a mortgage broker, your success depends on helping your clients accomplish their goals in the most cost-effective way possible. You can grow your brokerage’s bottom line by linking more clients to feasible commercial lending options. Here’s a look at commercial real estate financing works in California? At


How Lenders Review Applications for Commercial Real Estate Loans

According to Walden University, many small businesses in the U.S. struggle to stay afloat due to cash flow challenges. Thankfully, mainstream lenders, including banks and credit unions, have a wide range of loan products aimed at such businesses. For instance, commercial real estate loans enable small business owners to purchase business properties. However, to qualify for such loans, borrowers typically

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How the Current Economic Situation Has Impacted Commercial Real Estate Investors

How the Economy Affects Real Estate? The overall economic conditions impact real estate prices. Economic conditions are measured by evaluating economic indicators, including, among others, employment data, GDP, manufacturing activity, and inflation. In general, if the economy is slow, real estate follows a similar trend. Some of the economic factors that affect real estate prices include:  Interest Rates – Shifts

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What Are the Benefits of Micro-Apartments?

As large cities are increasing their population and urban living is becoming more popular, residing in a good location has become incredibly unobtainable for many. However, the rising interest in tiny living spaces has boomed over recent months and years, and micro-apartments may be the next big thing. Micro-apartments are small living spaces in desirable neighborhoods that may offer a

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How Can I Get a Commercial Real Estate Loan in California?

Are you looking to build or buy an income-producing property in California? Such investments are usually far more capital-intensive than their residential counterparts. For that reason, you may consider taking out a commercial real estate loan to finance your project. Read on to learn about the different types of mortgages available for revenue-generating properties and where to obtain them.   What

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How You Can Deal With Uncertainties of the Commercial Lending Process

Whether you’re planning to acquire your first commercial real estate or expand your property portfolio, you will likely need financing. This is because, similar to a home mortgage, you can use a commercial loan to buy a commercial property outright or fund improvements in your existing commercial space. However, the commercial lending process is typically fraught with uncertainty. This commercial

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