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Our New Chairman and President- Fidelity Mortgage Lender, Inc.

At Fidelity Mortgage Lenders, Inc., we are pleased to announce that Charles Hershson will continue his legacy as our Chairman alongside Peter Steigleder as President. Hershson, acknowledged as “Uncle Chuck by his team members,” founded the company in 1971, after years of working as a licensed real estate broker. Chuck also served as the President of California Mortgage Association (CMA),

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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Mortgage Lender

A home loan is a significant long-term financial investment. To avoid making irreversible but costly mistakes, it’s always best to know what you’re getting into before signing any paperwork. If you’re considering applying for a mortgage in Los Angeles, do your research first and ask your prospective lender the following questions. What is the best mortgage for me? Your home

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How to Choose an Experienced Mortgage Lender

Are you considering a mortgage loan and struggling to find an experienced mortgage lender near you? Choosing the right mortgage lender is a critical part of a financial decision. You can save a significant amount and avoid financial distress by selecting the right lender for your needs. Here are a few expert tips to help you find the best mortgage

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