How Fidelity’s Flexible Loans Came to an Engineer’s Rescue – Mortgage Deal Story

There’s no doubt that personalized lending can drive long-term success for any commercial property or non-owner occupied real estate business. Our deal stories are a living testimony to this—demonstrating how quick and flexible Fidelity loan options enable property owners and investors to achieve consistent growth. By always tailoring mortgage products and trust deed investing solutions to the needs of our clients and the dynamic property market, we’re constantly fostering prosperity in real estate investments.

As you’ll see in this story, access to alternative loan financing can make a world of difference when traditional mortgage lenders are unresponsive to your unique circumstances and investing goals.

Background to the Story

Our client is a successful electrical engineering contractor. Founded by his father more than 60 years ago, the company has participated in multiple landmark projects throughout Southern California. This is a growing business that relies on various loan financing options to thrive.

The Challenge

The contractor borrowed money from time to time to fund his projects. As with most small businesses, a handshake deal with a friend would sometimes provide the quick cash he needed to get started on a new contract.

He would also come to us to arrange a trust deed loan with one of our clients. This arrangement guaranteed returns to the investor just in case the borrower encountered some unforeseeable difficulty repaying the debt. He would also arrange a trust deed loan with his friends to ensure his payment was secure.
However, friends can only do so much when it comes to loan financing for a serious engineering business with long-term growth objectives. Our borrower recently came to realize that his friends, like him, were getting older and this wasn’t the best way to operate the business. So, he had to explore alternative, viable sources of lending even if that means taking a trust deed loan. Our borrower wasn’t one to break the family business’ chain of succession, so he engaged Fidelity for a long-term solution.

Fidelity Loan Solution

Our client had Fidelity pay-off a number of trust deeds and provide him with long-term 20-year financing. He liked that our rates for his loan are fixed and that when his business cash flow exceeds projections, he can prepay all or part of Fidelity’s loan with no prepayment penalty. This flexible financing provision came in handy for the contractor when his business cash flow exceeded expectations.

Key Takeaway

With the Fidelity loan, the engineering contractor will now be concentrating on professional matters at hand, and hopes to be welcoming the 3rd generation of family into the business! At least a lack of flexible, alternative financing solution won’t stand in the way. Unfortunately, inability to get financing from traditional lenders, such as due to credit issues, is one reason why many small businesses don’t see this level of long-term success.

It doesn’t have to end this way for your real estate venture. The professionals at Fidelity Mortgage Lenders can chip in anytime you’re unable to secure proper financing for your next commercial property or rental real estate project. Our lending terms are flexible and approvals don’t depend on your credit rating. Contact us today for a quick, flexible Fidelity loan!

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