How to Prepare a Financial Package For a Commercial Loan

For many business owners, knowing the process of preparing a commercial loan package can be one of the most resourceful tools. Although this process may seem overwhelming and even frustrating, it is very important to get right when considering your financial future. When preparing your commercial loan application, here is what you need to know about preparing a financial package.


Preparing Your Commercial Loan Financial Package


Not all lenders or loan programs are created equally. Because of this, you should always read through your program’s specific guidelines. Here is a basic list of the items you should consider preparing before contacting the lenders for a loan quote.



  • Schedule of sources and uses
  • Name of current lender and payoff amount (you should know if there is a prepayment penalty and how much it is, too)
  • Property name
  • Property address
  • Date the property was built
  • Requested loan terms (for example, loan amount, term, interest rate, amortization, fixed or variable, etc.)


Financial documents

  • A list of all sponsors with over 10 percent ownership in the property
  • Personal financial statement (PFS), including a schedule of real estate owned for each sponsor
  • Three years personal tax returns
  • Real estate resume for the managing member


Property documents

  • The past 3 years of annual operating statements, broken down month by month
  • Trailing 12 month operating statement, broken down month by month
  • Previous 3 years tax returns for the borrower
  • Current rent roll
  • Schedule of capital repairs completed in the past 5 years, including description and cost
  • Property management company information


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